The art path + Autumn owl altar

I have been remembering why I started creating because so many things have changed in this 12 years, that I felt the need to go back and ask me why?
The answer that popped into my mind is that creating for me was a fun moment, the place where I feel the real me, a way to express my inner world in a way that words couldn't and to feed my needs of exploration and be with myself. the fun and well being i feel when I am creating!

When I started to make a living of my creativity, all that I have, was a lot of hope and dreams and the capacity of not giving up. I worked like I never did before, I felt passionate and also held down , to prove to people that I could do it and my art was valid. This art path made me go beyond my limits,fears and try things, new things, even when I wasn't quite sure how to do it. But I did it! with more or less success at least I tried. Now I can see how brave I have been all this time. 
Not just the art biz, but in understanding myself as a woman, a wife, a mom...

After all this years of ups and downs, laughing and crying. I know each step of the way was valid, in learning, gaining experience. I can see now, how much I have pushed myself ( toooooo much).
Now I know that is o.k to rest, to feel good, to not do, to feel what I need... and it took so long to have this clarity. And sometimes in some times of the month, I come back to my insecurities but now I can tell myself "It's ok dear, everything is working out for you"

 I love my spiritual me, honoring source and Earth on my art is something very valuable. My new spirit animal Autumn altars, are a combination of this journey, where I recognize myself in the elements, the why's of the beginning and the things I want to celebrate in walking this path. The playfulness and fun. Autumn, my favorite time of the year. Crystals ( I am so in love with them right now)  symbols of purity and the natural world. Art Pieces that are themselves tiny altars to celebrate our connection with the animals, season and planet we are in.

More pics and info here

And in this Autumn mood, saying goodbye with a pic of my finds in the woods today✨🍁🍂

Grateful for you
Much love and light 


Crystals, abstracts, geometric art

Hi! In this last months I have been very focused on creating and feeling my inner world, I really need to express it all out. Being the real me, the new me... I think I was me before, but now this me needs to come out and play and explore and do things in a different way. I believe this is totally o.k, is part of this path were we walk, to change, to suddenly see things differently and to be honest with our hearts. I believe your treasures are there in your heart, to come up when you are ready. 

Crystals, abstracts, geometrics and watercolor are part of this new path, soooo lots of originals are listed on my shop, ready to fly to new homes 😊

I am offering 25% off with the coupon code ARTBLISS 
If you are intrested go to my shop here and apply the coupon code on the checkout.

For the first 12 orders in my shop, I have 12 mini original watercolor Crystals to offerrrr :D
( original art orders only )

Thank you so much for your support 
Much love 
Susana Tavares 

Adventures on digital art

Adventures on digital art from Susana Tavares on Vimeo.

It's time for some digital art inspiration, enjoy and have fun!

This illustration is part of an oracle card deck that I am developing in partnership with my friend Carlos Poço. Can't wait to see this project coming alive and share it with you.

Much love and light


Adventures on digital art

Adventures on digital art - digital painting from Susana Tavares on Vimeo.

This is my digital adventure for this week, it's really been a pleasure to explore new ways of making art.

Because I have a lot of questions about what I use, here it is:
App - procreate
iPad Air
Bamboo pen



Life Book 2017 Blog Hop & Give Away!

I have the GIVEAWAY winner to one spot on Life book 2017

Congratulations dear LAURA  you are the lucky winner yeyeiiiiiii!!!!!!

Laura - please contact me so you can give me your contacts and receive your spot :)

Thank you everyone, for your participation, hope to see you in class next year.

Much love


Hello everyone!
I have some wonderful & exciting news! I am going to be teaching on Life Book 2017 next year! I am really excited and honored to be part of this wonderful team of creative teatchers and bring much light and love through art. So beautiful and powerful when so many people gathered together to create beauty. Can't wait :)
And even MORE exciting news is that I can give away 1 space on this amazing year long art course! Keep reading if you want to find out more about Life Book 2017 and if you want to find out how you can win a spot! :)

First let me tell you a bit more about Life Book in case you haven't heard about it yet!
Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU” is a year-long mixed media art class
organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.
Tam is joined by 22 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life!
You can find out a lot more about this wildly popular course (it has been joined by over 12500+ people in the past!) by clicking HERE .

I haven't fully developed my class idea yet, but I'm excited to be sharing a watercolor project with you, much like you can see in this painting:

Registration opens on October 3rd 2016 and the class begins on January 1st 2017.
So if you want to start the year with a fabulous creative BANG and spend 2017 with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, learning more about art and how to be kinder and more loving towards yourself, be sure to join once registration opens! :) Keep this page  bookmarked so that you can sign up the moment it goes on sale! :)

Now then, onto the give-away and blog hop! :) I can give away 1 space on Life Book 2017 to 1 lucky winner, yay! :) And if you follow the blog hop (see below for links and dates) you can up your chances of winning a space by entering all the other give-aways also! :)

How to enter the give-away:
1. Share this give-away on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or Google+
2. Sign up to my newsletter
3. Leave a comment below letting us know why you would love to join Life Book 2017

I will announce the winner on September 10 at the end of the day

Here is the list of the other amazing teachers who will be teaching on Life Book – they too will be
giving away a spot on Life Book so go check them out and enter their give-aways! :)

5th September 2016
Tamara Laporte
6th September 2016
Jodi Ohl
7th September 2016
Susana Tavares
8th September 2016
France Papillon
9th September 2016
Shelley Klammer
10th September 2016
Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
11th September 2016
Donna Mulholland
12th September 2016
Mandy van Goeije
13th September 2016
Jennifer Mercede
14th September 2016
Misty Mawn

15th September 2016          Gwenn Seemel                   http://www.gwennseemel.com/blog
16th September 2016
Melissa Dinwiddie
17th September 2016
Vicky Papaioannou
18th September 2016
Lindsay Weirich
19th September 2016
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
20th September 2016
Effy Wild
21st September 2016
Wendy Brightbill
22nd September 2016
Jamie Dougherty
http://jamiedoughertydesigns.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/blog- hop-post.html
23rd September 2016
Andrea Gomoll
24th September 2016
Whitney Freya
25th September 2016
Annie Hamman
26th September 2016
Connie Solera
27th September 2016
Leilani Joy

Much light and love


New adventures on digital art

Art video - creative process, digital art. from Susana Tavares on Vimeo.

Hello to you dear one :)
I am being very inspired to create on my iPad and make digital art, since I am developing an oracle card deck, I am finding more easy for me to also create on this Procreate app, that really opens up lots of possibilities and I love to learn and expand my creativity on new ways.
So I have shared some on my Facebook and now I will start sharing here also on my blog.
I hope you like to see my new adventures on creating digital art.



My first dragon ✨

Until last week I never had any interest in Dragons, but a friend of mine shared a picture from Diana Cooper, saying something like " ask your child's dragon to protect it" and that sticks to my mind. In that day the dragons came to me several times.
And because I like to follow my intuition I discover from Diana Cooper ( wich I love her work with the Angels) , that Dragons are guardians of planet Earth and they bring wisdom, love and protection. 
Fantasy or not, after meditation, I receive the message to paint a child with a dragon in her head and there she is.

Please let me know what you think about it.

Love and light


So much light around you! Creative process

I have been thinking about the creative process and how we can flow with ease through it (more about it on my latest post) and since I practice to first be aligned and feel good and then create, inspiration comes in the most unexpected ways.
Yesterday we decided to go out to lunch and see the carpet flower in the Grand Place here in Brussels. It was a beautiful sunny day, great music on the streets and the food delicious. Everyone was in a great mood, relaxed, expecting the best and when you expect the best, you always get the best, right! 
So I was happy and when I was in the subway to come back home, I was looking around, seeing different kinds of persons, doing different things and when I look at them, I'll start to make tiny stories about them. 
This was a pure creative moment. I was seeing the best part of every person around me,  like their light was touching my soul, so beautiful!!!

Here are some examples :)

So now it's your turn :)

Put yourself in a good mood, catch the subway or go for a garden were you can see people. 
Everyone has light and a beautiful soul, set an intention to see the light of the world. Ohhh God so good!!!!
Now look at one person at a time an see it with the eyes of an angel, just looking for the best. Look into their souls and let their light touch your heart. Let the light of the world be shown to you. Grab a piece of paper and a pen a see what happens.

If you like to share this experience with me, please send me a private message on Facebook or in the comment section below or even on Instagram at @susanatavaresart using the #surrenderincolor.

#surenderincolor is an # created by me to express my love for #art, color and creation. Creating is a way to bring #color and beauty to this world. Without expectation, with an open heart, embracing it in its beauty and be filled with delight. ✨Surrender, express, let go and be surprised.
Use it if you are inspired to do so.

So much love and light around you!


Keeping your creative spirit alive

Owl spirit

Close your eyes for a moment and feel your creative spirit. 

For me, my creative spirit feels like a fresh wave moving inside and around me, a connection between my feet (the earth) and the very top of me, my connection with source ( God).
Our creative spirit lives inside of ourselves, always ready to take a step forward when you are in a ease state of mind, relaxed and allowing.
Your creative spirit creates paintings, collages, beautiful songs and poems but your creative spirit create as well the world you live in. When I speak about creation I have to include everything in my / your world, because you are the creator of your own reality. 

So how to keep your creative spirit alive?
First of all he never dies or goes to some place else, it's always there waiting for you to be receptive to its calls, ideas and inspirations. Don't you think this is wonderful, to know that is always there waiting. Waiting for you to be happy and joyful and relaxed and o.k were you stand in this present moment. 

What is your job?
To feel really good! Ah ah is exactly this, To feel good, to make everything possible to feel good and you know why? Because feeling good is what you really are, is when you are connected with your joy, your positive state of being and that allows good ideas and inspirations to come.

Off course, I am not saying that you can not have bad days, that is normal and o.k and when you have them, just embrace yourself in this knowing that's part of life and your growing into it.
There is so much around us in this world, that is easy to not be happy and overwhelmed. That's why I am writing this post, to remembering you that you can choose! Yes you can choose! What you see, what you hear, what you talk, what feeds your world! What is it? What feeds your world?
Are you hearing the news all the time, worrying about all the bad things happening, and complaining all the time that things are not as you like them to be.... Well this will not get you far... 

Dear you, if you have the power to choose, why not choosing what you want?
Do you want feel bad... No! So choose something that feels good!
Do you want to feel worried...No! So choose something that feels happy!
Do you want to feel down...No! So choose something to feel up!
Do you want to feel ugly.... No! So choose something that feel beautiful!

You get the point, choose what makes you feel good, start with simple things and focus your attention the most time you can in pleasant things or activities you love, like- pet the dog, go for a walk, observe the birds flying, smell the flowers and be inspired by their colors, see an inspiring video, paint, sing a song you love. 
Practice, practice, practice.... Like painting and drawing you need to practice to be in this ease, positive state of mind. Doing this you are making a statement to the universe, and a powerful one. 
"Universe I love to be happy, to feel good and inspired, please bring me more!"
And when you do your part, the universe / source / God will bring you more and more.

I believe we are here to be happy and to live a beautiful creative life, because we have the creative force inside of us, is always flowing, we just have to practice well being, practice joy and happiness. And when you do this, you are lighter.... and a light to this world, shining your beautiful being, a gift to planet Earth and an inspiration to the ones around you.

Be you, be present, be happy and create a life you love
Hugging you,


Bliss :)

I know, today I look like my mom lol. But I couldn't resist in showing you my flowers. This is my first garden and I am totally in love with it. It really feels so good to have so much beauty to look around, so many good smells and the birds singing and visiting my home, the butterflies flying around, for me is heaven :) 
Such a difference between my appartment in Lisbon, this connection with nature brings me joy and more energy, it really uplifts me. So grateful!

Look at some of my flowers #nofilter

I discover this yellow poppies today :)

Pink roses

Hidrangeas in purple( I just google it and now I know their name ah, ah ) 

Tiny strawberries, so lovely :)

 More hidrangeas in white and I have them in pink as well.

And the grass field with tiny daisies.

 Pooh and Bolota are delighted with the plays outside, barking to other dogs, the naps on the grass. A lot of fun I am telling you ;)

So I am slowly getting into my art again.

If you are intrested I am running a SALE in my Etsy shop, making 30% off originals and online classes
With the coupon code - GETWHATYOULOVE 

Love, light and nature vibes