My art studio

My studio is a sacred part of my home, is where I create and express myself. 

I love its openness, big windows, the light and the view to the garden.
Now the whether is warmer, I like to leave the windows open to hear the birds outside singing and see the dogs playing on the grass.
Sweet, simple moments that help me to create and get in touch with my inner being.
Feeling the calmness of nature, brings me peace and reminds me to breath.

I have a big wood table, to work with my watercolors. My favorite time of the day to paint on my studio is in the afternoon, 
around 17h, when the sun is lightning my table, with a beautiful warm light.
I sit on my big, comfy and colorful chair and I start with a simple prayer, just to center myself.
Then I start, without a plan, just with an intention.
I love to be surprised!
I love to not know what is going to be revealed to me through my creative process.
Feeling instead of thinking.
Flowing instead of controlling.

A beautiful environment, is always an inspiration for me.
I love to make pots of flowers to spread pure positive energy and beauty.

My connection with nature and flowers is growing everyday, as you can see on my artwork.

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Much love,


Expect miracles

"True abundance is feeling worthy enough to believe beyond what you can see. Expect miracles and they will manifest"
 Sarah Prout

When you expect abundance, you are allowing the flow of prosperity to flow through you and guess what, you will see abundance everywhere even in the tiniest things 🦋

This is the the Butterfly 7 of my March project "A butterfly a day"

Butterfly blessings to you



Painting butterflies

Continuing my demand, on creating butterflies during the month of March.
This is the Butterfly number 3.
In the first 2 butterflies, my inner-child wanted to play and be relaxed about it and sometimes, you just need to start, in a simple way and with what you have in the moment and that's o.k, to make some changes on the way.
When you start walking your path, more awareness will be presented  to you. 
You'll receive inspiration more in tune of what you want and what your purpose is.
 This is what spreading your wings is all about. 
Setting an intention + starting + clarifying what you want = awareness + potential 
Compassion and love in a transformation process, are the most precious tools you can use. 
Allowing yourself to flow in a easy way, step by step and make the changes you need.
  I started this project to stay focused on my intention.
" To spread my wings and embrace my gifts with purpose"
Doesn't matter what you do, but finding an excuse to grow and expand through focusing on your goals.
You can write, paint, say affirmations, run, doodle, make list of things you are grateful for.
Just listen where your heart wants to go, and give it some time everyday.
"Listen to the wind in her soul...let it take you where your heart wants to go"
For sure something will happen, for sure something good and in the end you will be beautiful and
 happy that you do it and your wings will be ready and you will fly!
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I am sharing time lapses with me painting and drawing and you check all the butterflies.
Butterfly blessings to you
Much love


A butterfly a day - March project


Butterfly 1

March arrived filled with magic ... and butterflies!

So I will be creating a butterfly a day in the month of March with the intention
 of embracing spring within and spreading my wings.

I believe we have an invisible wings full of potencial and they vibrate in the richest colors.
For me the wings represent the gifts we all carry in us, the ones we came to share.

We are in period of deep transformation on planet Earth and I want to transform and empower myself
in a kind , compassionate and creative way.

I want to spread my wings and I would love that you spread them with me!


Let's fly!
If you like to join me, you are welcome 😊

Set your intention and create a butterfly a day during the month of March
( week days ) 
Use your imagination and create like a child.
Most important have fun and be colorful.

If you like share it on Instagram 

Tag #abutterflyaday and @susanatavaresart

Butterfly 2

I am a powerful being! I can transform anything into light. I now let go of anything that do not serve me and I allow myself to live my life in a beautiful way. Slowly and with kindness I open my wings at my own pace. My wings will show me the direction to take and step by step  I will grow and fly beautifully, like a butterfly.

Much love to you my butterflies 



I believe it's a fairy! - watercolor painting

I have a deep connection with our beautiful planet and nature.
In my new home, it's such a privilege to see the greenery around me.
Every morning I bless the day and say hello to the trees, 
the plants and the elementals and I thank them for all the work they do and I ask them,
to bring pure positive energy, fun and creativity into my day.

I believe this words of simply saying thank you, makes all the difference.
You start your day in a intentional day, you are saying what you want in your day and acknowledging 
the beauty and power of this planet.

It always served me to appreciate the world around me, a beautiful circle of giving and receiving.

"To me, being spiritual means...
Whispering to trees,
Laughing with flowers,
Falling with love with sunsets,
Consulting the water
And worshipping the stars.
One hand to my heart. 
One hand to the Earth. 
And sparkles. Tones of them."

Tanya Markus

Did I say, I believe she is a fairy!

(Watercolor painting on watercolor paper A3 size)

Much love,


Watercolor muses

Muses are flying around my studio lately
 and I feel so honored with their presence and inspiration they bring to me.
These muses are connected with nature, flora and fauna, so they inspire the natural beauty and colorful shades of paint.

I always use my intuitive skills to paint. 
I like to feel the inspiration come to me first and then follow that instinct to start to create.
Feeling the flow of inspiration is the best thing ever, so much fun, so much focus. 

Start with one color and then the other, seeing the watercolor moving and turning into shape and new colors burning from the process. Ohhh my the best thing ever!
My idea with this new muses is to make an exhibition let's see what happens.
Please let me know what you think about them.

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Whisking you a great weekend 
Much love



My new online class - Heart whispers sessions

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If you want to walk through the journey of the soul, exploring creativity and being inspired on the way, my new classes "Heart Whispers" are for you! 

This classes are based on themes that I find interesting to be explored in a creative way and from a perspective of the soul
Painting, drawing, reflections, about soul matters.

If you are interested in joining together heart, soul and creativity in simple but powerful lessons. This is the right place for you!

Each session will have a based theme, this is the first one "I see flowers".
In partnership with my angelic team, we will provide a safe place,  at your own pace, for you to grow creatively , to have fun and simply connect with the truth of your heart and soul.

Come and create in full consciousness!
Join the first session of Heart Whispers

Only 22€

*Did I mention the first 15 persons to enroll the class will have a mini reading as an offer yehhheiii!!!!!

What can you expect from this mini classes:

- 1 creative project start to finish (video format)
- exercises to connect with your soul ( meditations, visualization...)
- words from the spirit about the theme of the class
- for all the classes are included 2 videos about how I draw faces (the same for each session) 
- you will receive the "Heart whispers" class in your email in a PDF format for you to keep.
-you can download the videos and keep the class forever

Mini classes, with a tiny price for you to have your self love moment. 

I hope you can join me!

only 22€
In this first session "I see flowers" we will paint the beautiful girl on the pictures, exploring watercolors and copic pens, the theme is all about awakening our soul vision. 

Check the material list:

Important: you don’t need to buy everything on this list, you can substitute the Ecoline watercolors with inks or regular watercolor. The pens I use for shading you can use also watercolor or other brand of copic pens.

- Watercolor set (I will use from Van Gogh ) -  link to amazon to get the watercolor set
Ecoline watercolor - here is a map where you can find shops near you or you can use inks or just the watercolors
From Ecoline I used:
    *Ultramarine violet 507                                                                     
   * Blue violet 548
    *Prussian blue 508
   * Red violet 545
   * Light rose 361

- white 100 from Ecoline
 (or you can use white acrylic paint)
 - watercolor paper (I use from Canson)
- Ecoline brush pens
    * Black
  *  Green
   * Blue violet
- Zig pens (art and graphic) or other copic pens
  Flesh tones
    *Pale pink 207
  *  Blush 703
   * Pink flamingo 222
   * Dawn grey 81
   * Pale green 53
   * Peach pink 202
   * Light blue 31
 - Round brushes (soft brushes) nº2 , nº10 and nº 24 ( a big one)
- Watercolor pencils (mine from Derwent and Brynzeel)
I used:
    * 438 Brynzeel to draw (you can use a pink or reddish color pencil from another brand)
    * Pink madder lake 17 for shading -Derwent watercolor pencil
  *  Mauve 0740 from Derwent inktense pencil
- White gel pen (I use from signo)
- Gel medium (or regular glue)
- A bit of soft green scrapbook paper or other paper

Much love !!!


Bunny girl video

 This week I have a new video to share with you, yehhheiii!
I will see me creating a bunny girl and really hope you have fun and be inspired :)
Materials used:
- watercolor pencils ( from Brynzel and Derwent )
- zig pens ( art & Graphic Twin)
- watercolors 
- white gel pen
- graphic liner pen ( Derwent )
- Ecoline 100 ( white )
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Sending lots of love and creative magic dust


Merry Christmas 🎄⭐💖


My message to you this Christmas 

"Dear one it's time to reflect your light into this world, you are a son of God, made from pure love and light. Please know that you are a carrier of the light of your creator and you have the power to be in touch with your essence. Bright, shine, pure, soft, amazing and magnificent. At this time is so important to remember this truth.
Allow yourself to be in touch with the light  within and live your purpose fully in presence. Trusting that every steps of the away, you are being helped and supported, but you need to make things easier to yourself and others. 
What an amazing thing to leave at peace!
Follow a path of kindness, softness, giving your hands to source, remember each day to let us to lead the way. Follow your intuition and your heart, breath deeply, see the best in everyone and focus your attention on the beauty around you and be grateful for what you already have.
May the Christic light fill you with hope and peace, may you remember who you really are, may you live the wonderful life you came to live.
With love and compassion 
The Angels "

I wish you a wonderful, special Christmas celebration with your loved ones, may your year of 2017 be filled with joy, love, light, laughter, alignment, harmony, creativity, health, abundance, magic and endless blessings.
Sending my love and gratitude in your way.  💖⭐🌈

The image above is my present for you, you can download it here. I hope you like it 😊

Merry Christmas and happy 2017!!!!

Much love

P.s - I am going to give away this tiny painting on my Instagram page if you want to enter please stop by 😘


Co-creating - studio scenes

My studio lately is more than a place to paint, it has became a place to connect.
I remember a few months ago, I have written that I want to create in partnership with source and it's exactly what is happening. A beautiful team, working and connecting together, to bring the best to the ones that connect with me and my art.
It's been such a privilege to develop this soul work, with Angels, fairies and the wisdom of source, planet Earth and Crystals. 
Surrendering to the process knowing that a bigger plan as been made, and trust that only higher wisdom comes through and always working intentionally for the highest good of all. 
And it feels so good to not have to pretend that I am not me. Embracing who I really am!
One of the things that I have the opportunity to experience, is the beauty of each soul.  All of them are major important and with a beauty beyond my expectations. Several times I am in tears painting and feeling the beautiful energy of the soul I am painting. So much potencial, love and light, so much that I can not even put into words.
Spirit animal paintings - the Hawk is the one you see on the pictures. 
Animals and nature have so much to offer and teach us, children and adults. 
Spirit animals are one of my favorites, to work with.
Pure positive energy!
Much love and kindness