values and beliefs

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my values





Life is sacred, 2012

In my life as in my artwork, I keep my values non-negotiable . They are always there to guide me in my next steps, supporting my creativity, present in the intuitive simbology and expression of my art.

Look closely at the picture I have chosen and try to find all of them!


"The strength is within us, we just have to seek in with love". 
Start in a simple way, look around you and ask "What can I appreciate now, at this very moment?", and if you are in of those days when everything seems upside down, do the same… Look around! Find something that distracts your mind in a positive way so you can focus again. Eg. a beautiful dress, a smile from child, the sun shining and the most important of all; appreciate yourself :) your health, the fact that you are wonderful, creative and intelligent. You will see… all situations become into something better!!!


In the feminine I embrace myself and celebrate being a woman. I celebrate the sensibility, intuition, creativity and wisdom. In the feminine I celebrate who I am in family, mothers and sisters, aunts and grandparents. In the feminine I celebrate balance, spirituality, hope, conviction and commitment. I celebrate dance, music and art. In the feminine I embrace myself while being embraced…, because the feminine is the harmony in all things.


When we create we are celebrating the moment, the right now! We are communicating with our own body, emotions, creative potential, learning to flow with life. When you access your creative power, it will express itself in your everyday life, with your children, at work… We are born with the ability to dream, to be unlimited to transcend... and how beautiful it is to imagine our thoughts leaving our heads like birds with the ability to fly, and spread their wings toward the sky. 


I believe we all have a responsibility towards our planet, so bearing that in mind and doing a little every day, it costs nothing ... so every day by morning I imagine myself with deep roots connected to the center of the planet, sending white light and giving thanks to Mother Earth. For me drawing girls among plants, flowers and nature reminds me that I am part of this planet and that all belongs to it.
We all are one!

My values rule my life, shinning in every end each one of my gestures! Based on my values, here is my pledge and my promise to you!

my beliefs

Inspiring the very best within you

I want to spread a positive and motivational message, for those who are ready to move forward through change, for those who want to be inspired and reveal the very best within themselves. 

Enlighten your amazing potencial

My art provides you to believe in yourself.
Be the seed of transformation to a new beginning, in love, in faith and reach out your amazing potential 

Raising art by change and healing

Art can change you, art can heal you.
Healing lays in the consciousness of the world around us and ourselves. 
In that awareness we rediscover and understand what we are, overcoming and transforming. 
We embrace who we are, always supporting ourselves.

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Values and beliefs


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