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take on your self-love and embrace the fullness of your creative, physical and spiritual being.

I will try to explain with a text wrote after meditation, with the help of my angels:

The sound of your voice is unique.

The sound of the water falling is amazing and unique.
Every leaf, every rain drop, every snow flake is unique.
Simple and unique.

Speak with your unique voice, your truth. In a beautiful and special way you will see your voice is listened to.

Some plants will grow and give fruits, some are not ready yet. But everything is fine the way it is, in perfect order.

Your voice is needed in the world.

Spread words like glimpses of magic, words of wisdom, and be sure those words are treasures.
Words that are being spread in the wind, blown away, catching the perfect hearts to inspire!

Value yourself, look within, believe the devine in you.

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